Interested in Speaking?

We are now accepting session and speaking proposals for The Future of Risk 2020. Proposals are due by Sept. 6, and can be submitted here

Topic Suggestions

Business Continuity & Resiliency

  • Cloud-based solutions – When/How should we migrate?
  • Recruiting and Retaining Analytics Talent
  • How strong is your data science strategy?
  • How to leverage technology to improve stability and daily efficiencies
  • Future of workforce

Emerging Risk & Business Models

  • Climate change products
  • Successful Cyber products
  • Cyber Security - how secure is your company and client information?
  • Cyber Security – how to reduce cyber liability and cost
  • How do new business models compete and how to protect your business
  • Successful applications of AI/Machine Learning
  • Cryptocurrency, tokenization, and other emerging technologies

Risk Innovation

  • Labs, Ventures, and Hackathons – How are big companies trying to innovate?
  • What are the next revenue streams for the industry?
  • New products and trends
  • How to ensure innovation department is on-track with business
  • Real use cases of how the latest innovations can improve your ROI
  • Automated risk identification – telematics, wearables